Nature education activities
on Zandvoort beach

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Bram -the pirate- offers honest nature excursions, workshops, and training sessions about the elements, nature's forces, sustainability, and self-sufficient living for all ages. You can come to us for fun and educational activities on the beach of Zandvoort.

We are happy to receive you for a children's party, family outing, or a fun gathering of colleagues or friends. We guide schools and classes with nature education packages at your location and on the beach.

We not only offer fun, entertainment and transportation. No... we also have a mission! And that is that every participant goes home with a 'scoop' of knowledge about the local nature.

Are you curious about what we can teach you?!

photo's (1,2,4) door @VIELWEIB (Tanja Neumann) + (3) @ABSEA (Abigail Tan)


"The Beachcomber"

  • June 2023
    "This was so much fun! As part of our team outing, we opted for the beachcombing excursion with Bram. With 16 people in the Holderkar on the beach of Zandvoort. Very nice! We learned a lot from Bram. Thanks! - Gemeente Amsterdam"
  • June 2023
    "The clients really liked it! - Sein"
  • May 2023
    "We went on a beachcombing trip with the family. It was a winner for everyone (3 to 72 years old) and very interesting. Highly recommended! - Selma"
  • November 2022
    "You’ve never been on a nature tour quite like this one! Bram, the Climate Pirate will take you on a trip in his beach wagon to explore the amazing nature on Amsterdam beach. There are a few options for tours, including a beachcombing excursion, a shrimp fishing session where Bram will show you the skills he learned from his father and a treasure hunt where you can work together on beach-themed puzzles and find the treasure.
    Bram’s tours are fun for all ages – everyone in our group really loved the experience and we all learned something new. My favourite new fact is that dolphins eat jellyfish tentacles to get high! - Helen on her holidays"

"The Pirate"

  • September 2023
    "What a fantastic afternoon my 9-year-old daughter had with her 10 friends! We were all very pleasantly surprised by the cart, the “real” pirate and Bram's enormous amount of knowledge and stories! Both adults and kids LOVED it! Thank you very much! We definitely recommend it to everyone! - Smit"
    "Louis and his 9 fellow pirates look back with great pleasure on THE children's party of the year! What a great experience for this group of boys aged 5-6. Adventurous and educational from start to finish! Everyone hung on the lips of this tough pirate. Highly recommended! - Majella"
  • August 2023
    "I did the pirate excursion with 9 children aged 7 years. What a party! Bram the climate pirate is very good with children, they hung on his every word. And how much he knows about everything you can find on the beach and in the sea. The boys are still talking about it, telling whoever will listen that your hands are the best shovels and belt weed is useful for fastening your trousers. - Jolanda"
  • July 2023
    "Our family day was on July 1, 2023 and we made a Holderkar ride together with climate pirate Bram. Young and old loved it! Bram explains everything well and the whole ride is interactive. Service at this company is really top notch. 100% recommended! - Anne-Carlijn"
  • June 2023
    "We celebrated my mother's bachelor party (47 years old) with 15 adult ladies and we really enjoyed this activity immensely. We had great and flexible contact with Bram and Chantal! Definitely recommended! - Mandy"
  • June 2023
    "Great birthday party for a group of 10 5-year-olds. What an adventure!! Bram does it so much as a Pirate, they loved it!! Definitely worth repeating. - Fréderique"
  • April 2023
    "A treasure hunt with 12 girls of age 5/6 was a big succes! Thank you so much or this awesome childrens birthdayparty Bram, it was great! - Jasmijn"

"The Shrimpfisher"

  • May 2023
    We have i.v.m. a Family Event with us 19 people (and children) made a covered wagon ride with Bram de Piraat in May 2023. In short it was fantastic. Everyone loved it, including the adults. Bram is a born Pirate and knows better than anyone how to entertain, motivate and inspire a group of different ages. A true professional who is a role model (in my opinion) for everyone who works in the leisure industry. I can recommend Bram and his organization without any doubt, give it a try and you won't be disappointed, I promise! - Alan

Local Excursions

  • Beachcombing-excursion
    • March 2023
      "We went through the Jutters-museum and then we found beautiful shells on the beach and 'the pirate' explained to us what kind of shells they were. It was a very nice and especially fun adventure with the group. As a couple of city people, this was eye opening beautiful to experience - Qichell"
  • Fishmarket IJmuiden
    • April 2023
      "Dear Kristel (Liefs uit Zandvoort),
      I wanted to thank you and Bram for the amazing and informative excursion at the fish auction last Friday. My father, brother, and husband all had a great time.
      Best regards, Ingrid."
  • Duinpotato-tour
    • May 2023
      "Educational and fun in a super relaxed way. The dunes of Zandvoort are beautiful. Bram knows a lot about the nature (and history) of Zandvoort. Thanks Bram! Keep up the good work. - Frederieke"
    • June 2022
      "Bram Molenaar opens the doors to a world that remains hidden to many. Enlightenment and a nature experience by the sea with a high fun factor! With a passion as deep as the sea itself, he leads visitors to nature experiences that go far beyond an ordinary walk on the beach. It's like walking through a living history book, where every page, every stone and every shell has a story to tell. Mega, fantastic! - Tanja (Article on"


  • Shrimpfishing Workshop
    • June 2023
      "We enjoyed the shrimp fishing workshop as a team outing! Great to be busy with your team in nature. Bram talks enthusiastically about everything that lives in and around the sea. Thanks for the great day! - Suzanne"

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