Bram 'the pirate' with a mission!

Ahoi! We're back in action!

Our return to the beach comes with a mission. We provide education for the next generation, especially in the areas of nature and the environment, but also in history, politics, health, and even magic. We make education tangible by offering excursions, workshops, and practical lessons so that children and adults can experience what this information means.

With a name like 'The Climate Pirate', we naturally evoke all kinds of things. However, contrary to the expectations of many, we are critical of modern energy, protein, and nitrogen transitions. We believe in (re)use rather than innovation, robust quality rather than quantity, and stewardship rather than control. We keep in mind that we have respect for all layers of the ecological cycle. People who make products with conscious craftsmanship receive all our respect. We advocate for every child to understand more about the rich environment around them. On balconies, schoolyards and (public) gardens, on the beach, and in the dunes. Everything we need is already around us!

So what does that mean if you come with us on an excursion or to our class?

  • We tell you about permaculture instead of wind farms
  • We use (ancient) crafts instead of hyper-modern life hacks
  • You learn about the contents of unprocessed natural products instead of 3D-printed burgers
  • We focus on what you can do yourself instead of what large companies can take out of your hands

And beware, being self-sufficient and deriving your lessons from nature is very dangerous these days (for the status quo). But yes, we remain pirates... So in addition to wanting to make a new generation aware of the beautiful world they live in, we also hope that they will become a bit of a pirate. That we can recruit a large (international) crew together who can pass on the same information to their children. And this is not just any old thing, no, we have a scientific basis for our mission (see chart).

In the old days, during the golden age, there were many pirates. But there was no climate change. Nowadays, in modern times, there are almost no pirates. But a lot of climate change.

That's how science works nowadays, right? ;)

Are you convinced? Do you want to join our crew? Then contact us quickly!