Wildforaging family recipes

March 2023

We are starting this wild (foraging) season with a beautiful romantic blossom: the magnolia. Many people have a magnolia tree in their garden, but don't realize that the flowers are edible or that you can make a delicious tea or syrup from them!

The flowers are even used in traditional Chinese medicine for anxiety reduction, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory effects. We believe that nature is always on time and that homemade syrup can help with "regular" spring ailments such as hay fever, colds, and flu.

Why do we choose to process this beautiful blossom into a syrup?

  • Making syrups from blossoms has been done for centuries. The end product is minimally shelf-stable for six months (even longer when using more sugar (1:1)).
  • Fresh natural nutrients are recognizable and easy for our body to convert into energy.
  • As a young family, we are not afraid of a little sugar. The syrup has a unique sweet and citrusy smell and taste. It is truly a gift to have in the house.

We use the syrup in yogurt, homemade (raw) ice cream, as lemonade, or mixed with a (non) alcoholic sparkling drink

Magnolia Siroop
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