Beachrides with the Holdercar | €15 p.p.

Our nature excursions in the Holderkar are available for booking daily and are ideal for children's parties, family and bachelor/bachelorette parties, or corporate outings.


  • A nature excursion with the Holderkar lasts 1,5 hour
  • You can choose between the following themes: 'The Pirate', 'The Beachcomber' or "The Shrimpfisher' (see below for more details).
  • This activity is available for booking for groups of 10 or more at a rate of €15.00 per person. For smaller groups, we charge a fixed rate of €150.00.
  • Supervisors (2-3 people) ride along for free
  • We have two designated boarding locations: Thalassa or Bruut.
  • Individuals can purchase tickets in advance through a payment request (minimum fixed rate). Upon receipt of payment, the activity is confirmed, and you agree to our terms and conditions.

- Email now to secure your preferred date/time.
- Please read the terms and conditions prior to booking.

The Pirate

Are you looking for a children's party, a family outing, or a beach trip with colleagues or some "old-timers"?

Bram - the pirate - is a true expert in his field and has already made many valuable discoveries! How special would it be to learn the tricks of the trade from him?

A treasure hunting excursion is perfect for a group of classmates, a fun family outing, a group of friends, or a senior citizen club. We drive our unique Holderkar over the beach and along the way, we will complete various tasks and brain teasers. Perhaps we will find a message in a bottle with a secret treasure map? If so.. the group will experience an exciting treasure hunt and will need to work together to decipher the codes.

And what will be in the treasurechest? It's always a surprise! Maybe the children will receive a small present, and the adults will enjoy a "Juttertje" (herbal liqueur). That will only be discovered once it's found.

The Beachcomber

Are you looking for a fun activity for a group of young or old companions? Think of a children's party, family outing, or beach trip with colleagues or friends.

Bram - the pirate - can fully express himself during a beachcombing excursion. He has a barrel full of stories and knowledge to share about nature, the environment, flora and fauna, the elements, and the weather. You'll leave with a head full of interesting facts!

A beachcombing excursion is perfect for a curious group of all ages, from 0 to 116. During the ride in the Holderkar over the beach, Bram will make various stops to explain what he sees (and finds). You'll learn about the world of shells, seaweed, and (tiny) sea creatures. You'll learn how dunes form, what affects the tides, the impact of windturbines, and how the North Sea is doing at the moment. Along the way, we'll do some fun searches and games. And of course, you're welcome to take anything you've found home with you.


The Shrimpfisher

Are you looking for an educational and physical activity for a children's party, family outing, or a beach trip with colleagues or friends? Is the group composed of curious people or children?

Bram, the pirate, is the master teacher to consult for unique crafts. Shrimp fishing is an ancient tradition that is passed down from father to son. With fishing, you are always looking for the boundary between luck and technique. So, the catch is a surprise!

Shrimp fishing is a physical activity that we offer for children aged 8 to approximately 88 years. We use the group as old-fashioned horsepower. Bram will put the net with the 'shaving board' into the sea, and the group will move the net through the surf. In warm weather, we go barefoot, and in cold weather, we recommend wearing rainboots. Despite the preparatory measures, you are likely to get splashed with water. After the net is pulled in, Bram will talk about the catch, from young North Sea fish, crabs, and shrimp to seaweed, shells, sinking- and driftwood. Unfortunately, we also come across litter and plastic that we will immediately clean up. Oh, and the catch will go back into the sea to continue growing!